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  1. Hot. The Only 3 Country Flags That Are Not Rectangular And What Do They Represent. Why Pablo Picasso Would Always Carry Around A Revolver Loaded With Blanks? The 3 Crazy Rules A Wimbledon Judge Line Has To Follow. Myth Or Fact: Does The Word ‘Testify’ Come From ‘Testicles’?
  2. There are those who may be addicted to that love "high." They need that amphetamine-like rush of dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylamine. Because the body builds up a tolerance to these chemicals, it begins to take more and more to give love junkies that high. They go through relationship after relationship to get their fix. (via How Stuff Works).
  3. Hip Hop Junkies. by Nice & Smooth. Ain't a Damn Thing Changed Rush Associated Labels Producer: Nice & Smooth. Main genre: Hip-Hop / Rap / R&B. Tags: East Coast Hip-Hop, Old School Hip-Hop, Sampled in More Than 20 Songs. Contains samples of 3 songs. Multiple.
  4. Hip Hop Junkies Lyrics: I got a funky, funky rhyme with a funky style / I got a funky, funky rhyme with a funky, funky style / I got a funky rhyme with a funky, funky.
  5. Music Junkies is a Minneapolis based collaboration of professional musicians featuring talented and energetic performers who are cranking out some of the best dance music out there! From the best top 40 hits to classic rock and roll.
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