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  1. Define asphyxiation. asphyxiation synonyms, asphyxiation pronunciation, asphyxiation translation, English dictionary definition of asphyxiation. v. as·phyx·i·at·ed, as·phyx·i·at·ing, as·phyx·i·ates v. tr. To cause asphyxia in; smother. asphyxie. asphyxiation [æsˌfɪksɪˈe.
  2. Define asphyxia. asphyxia synonyms, asphyxia pronunciation, asphyxia translation, English dictionary definition of asphyxia. n → Erstickung f, → Asphyxie f (spec) asphyxia [æsˈfɪksɪə] n → asfissia. as·phyx·i·a. n. asfixia, sofocación, falta de respiración; ___ fetalis → ___ del feto. asphyxia n asfixia.
  3. asphyxie translations: asphyxia, asphyxiation. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary.
  4. A child is standing in front of a vivarium, watching with cruel authority a confined and asphyxiated microcosm the wings of which were cut. White butterflies try to .
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  7. asphyxia [as-fik´se-ah] pathological changes caused by lack of oxygen in respired air, resulting in a deficiency of oxygen in the blood (hypoxia) and an increase in carbon dioxide in the blood and tissues (hypercapnia). Symptoms include irregular and disturbed respirations, or a complete absence of breathing, and pallor or cyanosis. Asphyxia may occur.

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